An analysis of the previous floods has been undertaken by the group, taking into account all forms of flooding, fire brigade responses and different flood pump specifications. 

The concentration of surface water flooding has been on Bridge Street for the last four years, however, Commercial Street (outside Power Plus) and Crab Garth (outside Tadcaster Medical Centre) have suffered from flooding. Other places have also suffered surface water flooding including St Joseph’s Street, Westfield and Fairfield.

As a group, we believe the Town would benefit at this time from two portable flood pumps using our self attained funding, therefore, as a short term solution to help alleviate the affects of surface water flooding, Tadcaster Flood Action Group has purchased two C100 Hilta flood pumps from Morris Machinery. http://www.morrismachinery.co.uk/contact/

The pumps are fully insured and located in secure 24/7 accessible premises, one at Coors and one at Power Plus. 

NYCC have been very supportive, providing the group a pumping plan and a database of flood risk properties.

NYCC and YW are working together to design a potential sump system for Bridge Street due the reoccurring surface water flooding on the highway. This sump will provide a safer area to pump from on the West side of Town.

Please find attached the groups operating procedure for the flood pumps:

Tadcaster Flood Action Group’s pump operating procedure

Attached is the “Notification of use” to the agency’s, acknowledgement received:

Notification of Flood Pumps to agency’s

Please find below a selection of paperwork involved in the purchase process of the pumps:

Benefits analysis for the Flood Pumps

TFAG:Assessment tool for the pump specification

TFAG pump specification analysis