Yorkshire Water have undertaken extensive investigations, drain cleaning, pump maintenance and repairs to river discharge valves over the past few months and there is as a consequence a much reduced risk of back flooding.

The Environment Agency have greatly improved water management and when overtopping is a risk then are more quickly opening up the flood water ings. The river levels and projected river levels are readily available on the EA internet.(www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/riverlevels)

 • Various CCTV surveys to understand the condition of our sewer network in the Bridge Street area. This resulted in further work to remove silt and fat from some sections
• Checks of our combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to check that they were able to discharge into the river during periods of rainfall
• The fork point of our sewer prior to the syphon section under the river was cleaned
• Man entry into the CSOs to check whether the penstocks were closing. Both penstocks were closing, but one was not automatic and could only be done by hand. Work was carried out to ensure both were automatic, and the telemetry parts were upgraded
• Work was undertaken to optimise our sewage pumping station (SPS). New floats and power supply to the Selwood over pumps were supplied, and the suction hoses were lowered to give extra storage.
• As a goodwill gesture, we arranged for a contractor to seal your wall

Routine checks to be carried out
• Once Monthly – Jet of all three Syphons.
• Once Monthly – Clean of the Fork point of sewer before Syphon. – This was requested weekly.
• Every 3 Months – Jet of the manhole outside 1 Bridge Street