Tadcaster Flood Action Groups accounts are view-able at all times. We will endeavor to update this page every 4 weeks with the latest accounts. Please do not hesitate to contact the group with any queries or for further information.

Tadcaster Flood Action Group from the 17/10/16 is a charity registered in England and Wales (1169701).


Updated 16/08/17

Charity accounts:

TFAG-Accounts August 2017

Previous community accounts:

End of years accounts TFAG October 2016

End of year accounts October 2016 TFAG

I2I charity funds ring fenced for Tadcaster Flood Action Group:

Updated 11/06/17: Funds have now been transferred into the TFAG charity account.

Storm Eva grant use Tadcaster Flood Action Group

I2I Accounts ring fenced for Tadcaster Flood Action Group

Float expenses breakdown I2I from the 24th of March 2016