The simple community plan is designed to identify:
• A coordination/meeting point (e.g. village hall).
• Short-term safe refuge places for people displaced from their homes.
• Emergency volunteers.
• Useful emergency equipment.
• Vulnerable people in the community and support them.
• Useful emergency contacts.
During non-emergency times we will continue to monitor possible problems within the town which may result in incidents occurring and work with partners to try and alleviate such issues.

If you like to be involved in the Community Emergency Team or register as a volunteer please contact us via the contact form here

During a river flood or substantial surface water flooding the Tadcaster CEP will be activated with a team of local volunteers using local resources and liaising with emergency responders will aim to support those at risk and vulnerable.

Important Note: This scheme is not intended to replace the response that would normally be provided by the emergency services and local authorities. If there is an immediate threat to life always call the emergency services first 999.